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BrewDog Punk IPA

Where can I start with Punk IPA? It’s been one of my favourite beers for over 10 years after discovering it in 2010. Picture a young; beardless Johnny. I was in my first year as a Shift Leader for Wetherspoons and had just been moved from the ‘rough’ spoons to the nicer one in town.

This was due to my keen interest in Real & Craft Ales and the new venue which housed 12 continually functioning hand pumps, with 2 permanent fixtures and 10 guest ales. It was also one of the few venues to have 2 guest craft pumps! I soon got the responsibility of choosing and ordering all guest ales which started my search of all things Craft!

Living in Rotherham at the time, I was aware of a real Craft & Real Ale Hub in Sheffield, so I set myself a day to do some good old fashioned product research! The first couple of weeks I tried some good beers but there wasn’t anything really memorable. Then I saw it, Punk IPA… I’d had the odd IPA but nothing like this.

Usually when I’m out doing product research I switch beers every round to something I’ve not tried, but not this time. Every mouthful just tastes better & better, the fruit infusion, the slight hoppy taste and the 5.4% strength all come through. I knew this one was a keeper! I was so excited to get back to work the next day and tell my GM about this wonderful craft beer.

But that’s where it ended. The GM enquired about an account with BrewDog, but at the time for Wetherspoons it was too expensive! I was gutted, but still determined. I contacted Head Office and told them I was absolutely convinced this beer was going to be a massive seller.

Weeks went by and I heard nothing. I’d made several trips back to Sheffield and had many more Punk IPA before the email came…
Was it good news?
Would we be getting Punk IPA?
Unfortunately not!
Again they appreciated my keenness for the beer, but it was just too expensive.

That was it for Spoons, I’d pushed for BrewDog but to no avail. I carried on with my trips to Sheffield to sample the beautiful beer, but a couple of years later it was time to move on!
Mitchells & Butler came calling with an AM position at a lovely village pub with excellent Real Ales, but no craft pumps.

Not a problem, craft beer was readily available in bottles at this point, but there was a distinct lack of options in the fridge. At best you could get a Newcastle Brown Ale! So for the first week I constantly badgered the GM about Punk, but he refused every time. He was insistent he selected products and ignoring any of my suggestions. So again at a bar I worked at, no Punk.

A few years away from the bar game beckoned for an ageing Johnny, but my love for Punk IPA never dipped. Working in Sheffield I had easy access to craft bars after work and always got my weekly dose. By the time I made the decision to return to bar work after 4 years away BrewDog & indeed Punk IPA had become a worldwide phenomenon!

Several BrewDog bars had popped up across the country & I’m lucky enough to have visited a few with my partner in crime Holly. As part of their crowdfunding we have purchased a few shares in BrewDog which pays for itself in the online and in shop discount.

We’ve so far visited and had a pint of Punk IPA in Sheffield, Leeds, Manchester, York & Edinburgh and once ‘this is all over’ we hope to visit many more! But I’m now in my 11th year of drinking Punk IPA & show no signs of slowing down.

It is simply one of the best beers in the world. Hats off to BrewDog! You’ve created a gem!

I’m now lucky enough to be able to select the bar products for Cucina, so rest assured you’ll always be able to grab a Punk here!