As of the 28th of October, we will be closed until further notice.

This week we’re spreading the vegan love, in the form of lush Peppermint Crunch Bars.

Honestly, the fact they’re vegan is purely accidental, but grant us the ‘cool’ slash ‘relevant’ kudos on this one.

Weirdly, I remember making Peppermint Creams as a kid with my bestie and absolutely despising them. But these bad boys are the bees. Crunchy crushed Oreo, topped with peppermint fondant and dark chocolate.

If you WANT SOME NOW just do this:

1-whack the hell out of a pack of Oreos until they’re obliterated into chocolate dust. Mix into melted vegan butter and press into a tin. Leave to set.

2-mix some icing sugar with a few drops of peppermint essence, a blob of melted coconut oil and a few drops of water, until you have a soft fondant. Spread over the set Oreo base and top with melted dark chocolate. Allow to set.

Of course if that’s all a bit of a faff, you can wait until Thursday, buy some from us and pretend you made them.