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Judith House – Case Study

All funds raised next weekend will help the women and children set up a forever home when they leave Judith House. Read on below to find out about one particular case study at Judith House.

Client met her husband and would go on to have a child. They were together 4 years in total. He had always had a temper, been jealous and controlling. From quite early on she felt intimidated by him and he isolated her from family and friends. After the marriage she would learn that he had been to prison, had assaulted a previous partner and had a child he was prohibited from seeing. He also used and dealt cannabis.

There was pushing/shoving, but the first time she remembers being really assaulted was during her
pregnancy. He threw things at her and then tried to choke her. His family members were present and
intervened to pull him off. She was very shocked and scared. She did not believe she could leave as her own father insisted she work it out/make it work so as not to bring shame on the family. The final incident was when her daughter was a baby and he “lost it” and assaulted her – the baby being present in the bedroom. Client bravely left him to set up her own home.

He would over the next 6 months break into her home to assault her and then at a car wash further assault her, in front of their daughter who was in the car. It was only when he began trying to break into her home for a second time that she called 999. She gave a statement and bravely attended court. A two year restraining order was made.

This would not be the end of it and as he continued to harass her by driving by the house, calling her neighbours and keeping in regular contact with her father. Her nerves now frayed and her mental health severely affected she tried to get a house move. Her options were very limited so she took up the offer of a refuge place in N Yorks, moving to Barnsley after a few weeks (as she had caring responsibilities for a grandparent in Sheffield).

She moved into our refuge anxious and low in mood, physically and mentally exhausted. Initially practical support was offered around income, getting her registered with a GP and trying to find her a new home. She engaged very well with staff, taking advantage of all refuge has to offer educationally and socially. It took a few months before she was able to relax.

She started the process of obtaining a divorce. This prompted her husband to chance his arm at child contact as another means of exercising control over her

(he had not made any effort to see his daughter) and my client had to endure a couple of court hearings (the Judge denying her special measures). Following the CAFCASS report which provided even more information about his criminally abusive past the Judge stopped any further hearings. Her solicitor had a non-molestation order put in place to further protect her and the daughter for another two years.

Having waited 16 months with Leeds council, without any offer of a property being made, together with two further breaches of the restraining order which occurred whilst she was visiting family we approached Sheffield Council. She was awarded a great house within two months and the house was cleaned/decorated by them to a good enough standard.

She has now made a lovely family home in Sheffield, her daughter is settled in a local nursery. My (ex) client will start college in September to start her dream to becoming a paramedic.

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What is Women In Music?

Women In Music is a charity event taking place at BARiSTA. In partnership with 3C Group & PMA Music Agency, we have brought together the best in female talent to raise funds for the Women’s Refuge ‘Judith House’ (IDAS).

Taking place on the weekend of the 18th of March, it will be a 3 day event part of Penistone Arts Week – a festival bringing the best in poetry, music, film and art to the Penistone area.

Collections and donations will be welcome on the day and there will be plenty of exciting offers with proceeds going to Judith House.

We are looking forward to it and can’t wait to see you all there!